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Patty's Potent Potion
by Robin Alexander

When Shawna Haydel was sixteen years old, she dropped Ashton Guidry’s name into a potion that would supposedly make Ashton fall in love with her. She knew it was silly, but she clung to one irrational thread of hope their friend Patty’s concoction would grant her heart’s desire. Shawna’s hopes were dashed when Ashton packed up her things and went away to college completely unaware of Shawna’s feelings.

Twenty-three years after Patty’s potion was brewed, Ashton returns to her hometown. She finds time has changed a lot, including Shawna. Ashton has done quite a bit of changing, too, and sees Shawna in a whole new light. Perhaps Patty’s potion was potent after all.

In this romantic comedy, Robin Alexander has cooked up a humorous tale about enduring love and friendship.

Romance, April 2017

It's Murder, Dude
by Kate Sweeney

In the twelfth installment of the Kate Ryan Mystery series, Kate and Maggie are getting married—again. After the lavish, but not quite legal wedding at Kate’s cabin in the woods, the girls decide to have a quiet ceremony at City Hall in Chicago in November, the day of the seventh game of the World Series for the Chicago Cubs. It would be a great way to celebrate. What could possibly go wrong, besides the possibility of a Cubs loss?

Well, let’s see...Hannah winds up in jail after celebrating outside Wrigley Field, and an old friend Dee Dodd needs help with her ne’er-do-well brother. So Hannah plans Kate and Maggie’s honeymoon on Dee’s dude ranch in Montana. Then they find a body in the snow. And of course, it’s murder, Dude.

Just another typical week in the lives of Kate and Maggie…and Hannah, who suddenly channels the spirit of Roy Rogers, albeit in pearls, much to the dismay of the newlyweds.

Mystery, January 2017

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