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robin Alexander

Gloria's Inn

Murky Waters

The Taking of Eden

Gift of Time

Gloria's Secret

Love's Someday

Pitifully Ugly


A Devil In Disguise

Gloria's Legacy

Half To Death


Diane Bauden Tomahawk'd
Maria Ciletti The Choice (ebook)
Clinical Distance

Nann Dunn

The War Between the Hearts

The Clash Between the Minds

K LaFontaine

Picking Up The Pace

Preying on Generosity

Let it Shine

LJ Maas

None So Blind

Journey's End

Tumbleweed Fever

Prairie Fire

Rebecca's Cove

Meridio's Daughter

Laurel Mills Racing Toward Providence
Taking Flight
Undercurrents (ebook)

Katie Moore

Southern Heart

Halls of Temptation

Allison Nichol

Contents Under Pressure
Jocelyn Powers Clarity
Mary Jane Russell The Arcanum of Beth
Murder In City Hall
Just A Little Romance

Kate Sweeney

She Waits

A Nice Clean Murder

Away From The Dawn

The Trouble With Murder

Residual Moon

The O'Malley Legacy

Who'll be Dead for Christmas?

Survive The Dawn

Winds Of Heaven

Of Course It's Murder

Sea of Grass

Liar's Moon

What Happened In Malinmore


Before The Dawn

Love At Last


Tara Wentz

Traffic Stop