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Evelyn's Whimsy

Evelyn's Whimsy
by Kate Sweeney

Enter psychotherapist Lily Conover. She’s ready for an early retirement from her practice before it drives her, well, like her patients. But at the behest of an old friend and mentor, she decides to take on one last case. Oh, how she wished she’d gone fishing in the warm, secluded Florida Keys as originally planned. To have a nice cold margarita in one hand and her fishing pole in the other. Instead, she might be spending the spring in merry ole England with a mixed bag of Devonshire nuts.

Dr. Conover finds herself sucked into the madcap tangled web of this troubled but lovable woman. And now she’s determined to unravel Evelyn’s past and equally determined not to fall in love with Evelyn’s whimsy.

Romance, September 2016


Miles To Go

Dear Me
by Robin Alexander

Alexis Holt unknowingly meets the woman of her dreams at a party. Unfortunately, Alexis was at the wrong place at the wrong time and walked away from the encounter thinking Stacy Kirkland was an arrogant snob. Alexis knew it wouldn’t be the last time she saw Stacy, and she wasn’t looking forward to their next meeting.

Thanks to the Internet, Stacy Kirkland already knows who Alexis is before they meet face to face. She’s one step ahead of Alexis because Stacy already has a crush on her. There are a couple of problems, though—Stacy’s in a relationship that’s in the last stages of its demise, and after meeting Alexis, she’s pretty certain that Alexis despises her.

Grab something cool to drink, find a comfortable place, and let Robin Alexander take you on a hilarious journey to happily ever after.


Romance, July 2016

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