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Rusty Logic

Rusty Logic
by Robin Alexander

Ancelet Bay, Louisiana, on the surface is a peaceful and quiet little town. It seemed to be the perfect place for workaholic Rusty Martinez to detox and deal with destructive habits that had affected her health. The respite, however, comes with some unexpected side effects, one of which is a plastic flamingo-wielding neighbor who suspects Rusty is a terrorist.

Rusty’s mental and emotional transformation becomes a wild ride. Police Chief Kirsten Flyte doesn’t even realize that she’s on the journey with Rusty as they leave life’s back roads and hop onto the cerebral expressway that takes them through chaos, temporary insanity, and eventually bliss.

Come to Ancelet Bay with Robin Alexander, and let her tell you a tale about personal discovery, life, and love in her typical comedic fashion. Watch out for the flamingos.

Romance, November 2015


The Right Window
by Kate Sweeney

June Daniels lost her best friend Lorena Carroll in a tragic accident. Now she must finally do what Lorena wanted—to go back to her hometown of Fraser Creek, South Carolina, at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. June summons all her resolve, and with a hideous-looking urn with Lorena’s ashes, she comes face to face with Lorena’s family. Lorena’s aunt, Adelaide Carroll, the matriarch of what’s left of the Carroll family. And the youngest Dylan, an irascible teenager on the verge of becoming a woman, who struggles with her sexuality and her aunt. And let’s not forget the adorable Avery sisters, the twins who have been in Fraser Creek since the Civil War and have their own opinion about Lorena Carroll.

A welcome respite from all eccentricities of Fraser Creek is the engaging Vinnia Carlisle, who owns a small farm and takes in every animal that wanders into the yard. On one early autumn morning when June wanders in looking for directions, well, Vinnia believes this lost critter needs all the love and attention she can get.

Through her wit and simple approach to life, Vinnia helps June salvage some peace with herself—and perhaps for them, much more.

Romance, October 2015

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