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Next Time

Next Time
by Robin Alexander

Payton Foret agrees to play wingwoman for her best friend. She never dreamed that when she walked into the bar that night that she’d meet her soul mate. Though their only physical contact was a simple handshake, Payton begins to believe in love at first sight. There’s only one problem—the woman of her dreams is already in a relationship with someone else.

Ryan Seely is at a crossroads, unsure of what path to take. She’s not eager to throw away an eight-year relationship, despite the fact that she’s already taken back part of her heart. Decisions become more convoluted the next time she sees Payton.

ISBN: 978-1-935216-71-1, Romance, February 2015


Dead in the Water

Dead in the Water
by Kate Sweeney

In the tenth installment of the series, Kate Ryan is about to pop the question to Maggie. Yes, yes, it’s about time. The question now is where, when, and how? The “why” is evident. So with great trepidation, Kate accepts the help of Maggie’s adorable Aunt Hannah. Together, they will try to answer those questions before Kate has an anxiety attack—not from asking Maggie to marry her, but from Hannah’s help.

A nice romantic weekend cruise on Lake Superior should do the trick. Kate figures the worst possible scenario is Maggie jumping overboard. This might be the best idea Hannah has ever had. And Kate wonders how she ever doubted her.

Until a passenger dies on the first day of their cruise, and all hell breaks loose. With her plans of a romantic marriage proposal seemingly dead in the water, Kate is now ready to jump overboard—and take Hannah with her.

ISBN: 9781935216704, Mystery, January 2015

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