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Build Me A Dream
by Kate Sweeney

 Three old cronies from Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Jean, Yolanda—or Yoyo as she’s known—and Edie had a ridiculous idea. The adorable, if not eccentric women wanted to do a revival of The Chordettes, the famous quartet from the fifties. They wanted to go on a two-week whirlwind tour of Wisconsin’s supper club crowd. All they needed were a place to stay and a manager.

Eleanor Johansson had a great life. She owned a successful fitness club in her adopted city of Chicago. She was fifty, single, and content—until she got the call involving a harebrained idea from the three elderly women she adored. Eleanor knew they could sing, but now they had a “gig” at a supper club? Really? And where would they stay?

Connie Beckman was nearing the magical age of fifty. She wanted to retire someday, just not this day. But her uncle was in a helpless situation after he sank his retirement to build a dream and own a supper club and resort. Connie figured it was providence or just good old rotten luck. So she decided to help and make a success out of the vacation spot. Now there was only one thing missing at the Loon Lake Resort, those little incidentals—customers.

When The Ginkgo Girls invade upper Wisconsin, the quiet pristine woods will never be the same—neither will Eleanor or Connie.

ISBN: 9781935216582, ​ Romance, April 2014 

The Magic of White Oak Lake

The Magic of White Oak Lake
by Robin Alexander

Love’s potion is once again being brewed in the next installment of the White Oak Lake series. The matchmakers have found a new project in Leslie Parker when she rents Morgan Chassion’s cabin. As always, the intentions are good when Clarice Minden and her cohorts begin to work their magic, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned and the results are disastrously funny.

All the while Morgan and the love of her life, Jaclyn, are on hand to smooth out the wrinkles.

The Magic of White Oak Lake isn’t found in the waters there or potions concocted in Clarice’s kitchen, it’s found in the people who have a great capacity to love. Grab a cup of tea, find a comfortable spot and enjoy some southern hospitality with dashes of humor, love, and compassion.

ISBN: 9781935216575, ​ Romance, March 2014


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