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Dead in the Water
by Kate Sweeney

In the tenth installment of the series, Kate Ryan is about to pop the question to Maggie. Yes, yes, it’s about time. The question now is where, when, and how? The “why” is evident. So with great trepidation, Kate accepts the help of Maggie’s adorable Aunt Hannah. Together, they will try to answer those questions before Kate has an anxiety attack—not from asking Maggie to marry her, but from Hannah’s help.

A nice romantic weekend cruise on Lake Superior should do the trick. Kate figures the worst possible scenario is Maggie jumping overboard. This might be the best idea Hannah has ever had. And Kate wonders how she ever doubted her.

Until a passenger dies on the first day of their cruise, and all hell breaks loose. With her plans of a romantic marriage proposal seemingly dead in the water, Kate is now ready to jump overboard—and take Hannah with her.

ISBN: 9781935216704, Mystery, January 2015 


The Fall
by Robin Alexander

Noel Savino has no problems attracting women. After several failed relationships, she's more than happy to keep it casual. Sunny Chase is willing to be another notch on Noel's bedpost, after tragedy of her own.

Despite their playful intentions, they find themselves poised to fall, especially if Noel’s old-school Italian mother and Sunny's cross-dressing uncle have anything to say about it. The only thing standing in their way is Noel’s niece, Harper, who is also captivated by one of the Chase women. Love becomes a complicated family affair.

Robin Alexander’s latest romantic comedy has all the ingredients to warm you on the inside as you slip into the fall.

ISBN: 978-1-935216-66-7, Romance, November 2014

The Hypotenuse of Love
by Kate Sweeney


Charlotte Darcy had a brilliant idea, but then Charlotte thought all her ideas were brilliant. This time, she needed an innocent dupe to make her idea come to life.

Enter Parker Englewood, a respected professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago. Her life was in order, things made sense. And all she wanted one night was dinner at her favorite restaurant, then a quiet weekend, that’s all.

And what did she get? Charlotte Darcy on a platter with a side of screwball chaos.

Join the first of many madcap adventures of Parker and Charlotte.

Romantic Comedy, October 2014, word count - 33,000

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